Sunday, May 01, 2005

Congressional Art Ceremony

Theresa receives art award from Congressman Kolbe

Well, we (her father, brothers, grandparents, & art teacher, Mrs. Valandry) attended Theresa's ceremony today for her Honorable Mention in the Congressional Art Contest for High School Students. It was a very pleasant event in the backyard of Congressman Kolbe's own home. (He lives in a surprisingly modest house given his standing on the national scene.) Besides her certificate (included in the album here), she was also awarded a cash prize of $50. The big winners won several hundred dollars each. Theresa was at first disappointed that she didn't win the Grand Prize with a trip to Washington, DC, but hey, she's only 9th grade, and winning at all was a huge achievement. She's got 3 more years to keep shooting for the Grand Prize. :-)

More photos of the event are here.

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